The Team


anat     Anat Milo   

Catch phrase: “what’s the mass balance?”


Lab Manager

IMG_1503    Dr. Meital Shema Mizrachi     


Catch phrase: “no problem, but next time please let me know before you finish the reagent/gas cylinder/vials…”

Room: 62/212

Postdoctoral Fellows


danilo-2    Dr. Danilo Lustosa     


Catch phrase: “Never have high expectation from a reaction before the NMR”                                                                                                                             

Room: 62/214


Graduate Students

20181023_160514.jpg    Zayed Alassad (Ph.D. Student)     


Catch phrase: “It’ll only take five minutes”         

Room: 62/214   

Anas_Photo    Anas Abo Raed (Ph.D. Student)     


Catch phrase: “why didn’t they write it in the procedure?”                                                                                                                     

Room: 62/214


IMG_20190527_171159.jpg    Oriya Maruani (Ph.D.. Student)     


Catch phrase: “I’m not a chemist!”   Room: 62/214


IMG-20181023-WA0004.jpg    Ido Domb (Ph.D. Student)   


Catch phrase: “I’ll just smoke a cigarette”   Room: 62/214

me.jpg    Shahar Barkai (Ph.D. Student)     


Catch phrase: “No problem “Achi””   Room: 62/214


1613294204123    Nadia Briker (Ph.D. Student) 


Catch phrase: “”

IMG-20201125-WA0004    Inbal Lorena Zak (M.Sc. Student)


Catch phrase: “



Capture.PNG            Dr. Dhayalan Vasudevan


20170111_114936-2.jpg               Dr. Santosh C. Gadekar


IMG_20180517_183036.jpg                  Dr. Kanchan Mal


WhatsApp Image 2018-10-23 at 11.52.13.jpeg                   Majeed Abu Mukh (M.Sc.)


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